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FREESTYLE is an energetic quintet of talented professional
musicians from the Des Moines area. Each member's experience contributes to the group's broad musical background performing in dance and night club groups,
cabaret jazz, show bands
and appearing in shows with national concert artists
from Dionne Warwick
to country's Sawyer Brown
to rock legends Bobby Vee & Little Richard...we've done it all!

Our SHOWMANSHIP and VERSATILITY has been on display at hundreds of weddings, conventions, corporate and private parties, festivals and school events in the Midwest for over 25 years.

PRIDE as a professional comes from knowing you have
met the needs of the customer. Our pride is the versatility in musical styles we can present to your listening and dancing audience, aged 9 to 90.
We tailor music to your needs!

  FreeStyle is...

  • Ed Kelly / Bass, vocals
  • Scott Davis / Trumpet, harmonica, EVI, vocals
  • Tommy Doggett/ Sax, flute, EVI, vocals
  • Kevin King / Guitar, vocals
  • Dave Merrill / Drums, vocals

Have you heard us and already know
we're the band for you?

Then contact Ed Kelly for bookings at:
or call 515.577.3843
Check out our "FreeStyle Variety Band" Facebook site
& become a "fan"!

If you're shopping around for live music,
may we give you some advice ...

Let's start with what you should look for in a band...

• Ask about the types of songs they play and
the audiences they play for...

If the band's styles suit you, fine. If not, look for a group with the instruments and vocalists that can deliver the kind of music you want your audience to hear. Be realistic: a cool band you heard in a bar may not be able to do party tunes for people over 30 or Big Band favorites for a more mature audience.

• Match the band to the venue...

For example, it might be unwise to hire the Rolling Stones or an 8-piece rock band for a wedding anniversary
at a small Legion Hall in Urbandale.
Make sure the band and its equipment can adapt to the audience and location where your event will be held.

• Look for a professional attitude...

Be sure to clarify, in a contract, your expectations for the clothes the band will wear, the type of music to be played,
the number of breaks taken,
and when equipment set-up and tear-down will take place.
Check that the physical stage and power needs
of the band are adequate.

These are practical things YOU can direct and they are as important
as the music in making your event a quality experience!

Planning a company event or wedding reception? Call us for:

      • Advice on planning
      • Song suggestions
      • Reception/event do's & dont's
      • Connections to other professional services

We've worked with many quality people in the Midwest. Here are some links to sites for some professionals we highly recommend:

If you are planning a company party or dinner...

•We can musically enhance your open house,
cocktail/reception time, dinner hour or dance.

•Need a floor show? We have audience-participation comedy routines
and lighting to add a real crowd-pleasing touch to any program.

This may be of interest to you (?) in planning a party or wedding:

•DSM Caterer John Maher brought to our attention a company offering an inexpensive $1,000,000 liability policy for receptions and parties, with or without alcohol. It can be purchased by whoever is hosting the event.

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To contact FreeStyle, go to the Bookings page for more information and a form to e-mail us.

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